Why Hydrafacial?

Our Device holds 60 patents for results you can't get anywhere else. Our treatments are only given by highly trained Hydrafacialists. Hydrafacial purifies with a gentle chemical peel in varying strengths that exfoliates to reveal new skin, then extracts dirt and debris to clear and decongest skin. Next the skin is nourished by infusing customized serums for radiant, healthy looking skin, and lastly, the skin is protected by antioxidants to lock in moisture for a long lasting glowing finish! 

How does my skin stay clean during the Hydrafacial?
Our closed loop system consists of two tubes: one that extracts gunk, the other that infuses the good stuff. So we are never making skin soup!
What should I do to prepare for my Hydrafacial?
Limit time spent in sun
Skip botox treatments two weeks prior
Avoid harsh chemical peels and exfoliating treatments
What should I do at home/post Hydrafacial?
Consistently apply sunscreen 
Feel free to apply make up and other skincare 
And of course document your glow 😉 
What is in your Hydrafacial Gunkie jar?

Dirt, oil/sebum, SPF, makeup, whiteheads, blackheads, dead skin

What's the difference between chemical and physical exfoliation?

Chemical exfoliation uses enzymes or acids to soften and remove dead skin. The ingredients in our products chemically exfoliate the skin throughout the treatment. Physical exfoliation uses a textured product or surface to achieve the same result. The Hydrafacial wand polishes and smooths skin using interchangeable tips that offer different exfoliation strengths. We combine these two types of exfoliation in each Hydrafacial treatment.

What is a micropeel?

An exfoliating treatment that uncovers a new layer of skin and promotes cell turnover- but uses less aggressive concentrations of active ingredients to avoid downtime

What are the benefits of a micropeel?

Accelerates skin cell turnover, supports natural exfoliation, improves skin texture and tone, supports healthy collagen levels

How often should you get a micropeel?

We suggest getting one every 3-4 weeks